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Under Kitchen Sink Fix

May 23, 2021

We didn't realize we had a leak under our kitchen sink until the melamine cabinet floor was cracked and ruined. It also drifted to the drawer on the left, but the bottom was not as bad. Under the sink looked awful, but we new it would be a challenge to cut out and replace the melamine section. We'd also have to build a frame underneath since there was most likely nothing under that one section.

We decided to purchase this silocone mat for under the sink to cover the bad section. We completely cleaned it first with clorox and then vinegar to make sure there was no mold. The mat from Amazon was a perfect fit. We had a pull out rack from Amazon we still wanted to use, so we added some small 2x1 boards to screw the rack onto and that worked perfectly. It looks so much nicer, and you would never know it is cracked underneath. The mat will also protect it from any future leaks. (It has a lip to hold a lot of water, and there is a built-in drain.)

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