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Dave's Truck


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This was Dave's first car. He bought it when he was 16 and drove it through high school in Willows, California. Dave moved to Santa Rosa and brought his truck with him. When he lived in Santa Rosa, his truck was stolen. The truck was found, but had been stripped of the tires and some other parts. Dave decided to take his truck back to Willows to store at his parents' house because he was moving around a lot while going to SRJC. During the truck's stay in Willows, it spent time stored in his parents' garage, then at the Blue Gum Hotel where his sister worked, then back to a wherehouse for his parents' pool supply business, and finally to a ranch in Orland where his grandpa lives.

Finally, after many years apart, Dave and his truck are together again. The "56 Chevy is now back in our garage, and in need of a lot of restoration. This will be a painstaking process, but a fun and worthwhile project for Dave.

The truck in Orland. At home on the farm... Ready to move to Santa Rosa. Dean and Dave, guiding in the trailer... Back in our garage. There goes all the room in the garage! Needs some serious cleaning and a new windsheild for starters... Front An unwanted passenger -- a black widow spider is one of many found in the engine. Engine Interior

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