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New Stair Runner

March 10, 2022

When we had our wood floor done, the installer told us he could use the leftover wood to do the sides of the stairs, and then we could carpet the center. When he explained this, we didn't know he would cut off the overhang on each step so the steps were much narrower and probably not to code! Also, even though we had padding installed under the carpet, it was not thick enough on the edges to hide the gap. It always looked awful. Over time, the burber carpet also get very dirty with the cats and food traffic.

This year, we finally decided to fix it. We cut boards to make treads where there was no wood in the center of each step. We routed the edges so it would match up with the wood bull nosing. The bulk rolls of stair runner didn't have a lot of options and was pricey. My mom found a bunch of flat weave runners by Loloi on sale at Marshalls. We cut the ends off and matched them up in seam of the stairs so looked like one piece since we carefully matched the pattern. I think we ended up using 4 stair runners at $24 each! We had extra scraps so my mom used edging to make a piece for the landing and top of the stairs. We also used the edging on the runner so it looked more like a continuous stair runner.

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