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Gopher Snake

April 28, 2008

Hunter went out at night looking for frogs with Dave. He found this instead!

Click any image for larger view.

Gopher snake This explains the snake hole we always see by the pond... He's no small snake!


The snake was hanging around again the next day. Heidi noticed he got caught up in some netting covering the pond skimmer, and it was stuck around his neck. Dave took off work early to come home and catch him. Heidi also decided it would be better to move the snake somewhere else! Dave claims they don't eat fish, but Heidi was a little worried about the koi and bullfrog. Dave let the snake go by the creek near our house.

Movie Clip:

Dave catching the gopher snake Dave cuts the mesh off of the snake's neck He is pretty big! Dave getting all wrapped up... Ready to go to a new home Be free!

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