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Smoked Chicken with Spicy Sausage & Potatoes

July 10, 2004

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Whole chicken, spicy sausage and potatoes.
Things you will need to prep potatoes.
Chicken stand.
Chicken stand. Insert open can of beer (only half full) for added flavor and moisture.
Prepped chicken.
Rub chicken with BBQ rub of your choice. Insert onion or potato in neck to keep moisture in. Place on stand with open can of beer.
Prepped food.
Prepare potatoes by rubbing with oil, kosher salt and wrapping in foil.
Place cicken, sausage & potatoes in smoker.
Food in smoker.
Smoke sausage for 3 hours. Smoke potatoes and chicken for 5-6 hours (5 lb. chicken) at 200-230° temperature.
Delicious smoked chicken ready to eat!
Ready to eat!
Chicken and smoked baked potatoes.
Smoked potatoes.
Potatoes come out with a nice smoky flavor. Make sure you eat the skin to enjoy every bit!
Smoked sausage.
Smoked spicy sausage.

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