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Shoe Storage at Entry

May 20, 2024

We always have so many shoes at the door, s0 several years ago we took two of the shoe organizers from the closet and put them at the entryway. They always separated, and it was only supposed to be temporary while we found something better, but othing really had as much storage as we wanted and looked nice.

Decided to buy a $20 board from Home Depot, and convert the pieces to a bench! Since we wanted the board to hang over the front just a little to hide the top of the two separate pieces, we used a really cheap 1x2 board we had in the garage and scewed that on the back as a ledge to keep things from falling behind it, and also to make it a bit wider.

We used dark walnut stain and sealed it with Verathane Clear Matte Water-Based Interior Polyurethane. We also used some All-Purpose construction glue to make the bench feel really solid on the organizers, and then used long screws to secure the bench to the organizers on both sides, and added a center screw in the back. We also pre-drilled to avoid splitting the melamine organizers. It turned out better than we imagined and feels really sturdy. Now we can hold all the shoes we need to, and use the top as a bench, and it looks great!

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