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Fleece Knotted Blankets

November 24, 2017

I made a fleece knotted SF Giants blanket a couple months ago, and I just love it! Ryder wanted me to make one for his bed that matched his room. We were looking for Seattle Seahawks, couldn't find the fabric in our local craft stores. We did find a nice fleece with all the pro football teams -- and it happened to be blue to match his room.

There are a ton of links online for how to make these blankets. I've found the best versions show how to tie a "balloon knot". This not comes out looking really nice and less messy than others I've seen. You simply hold the fringes together and tie them just as you would a balloon!

I used 2 yards of each fleece for the blankets -- one patterned and one matching solid. It's important to lay them out together and use a yard stick to make sure your edges are all clean and straight and that they match up. The more even they are, the smoother the blanket will be when it's knotted. I've seen some that don't come out with nice square corners, and this is usually why.

After the fabric is laid out and matched up, pin a straight line to follow with a yard stick, or use chalk to mark. I used masking tape on the first one to be sure my cuts ended evenly. The blog post I read said to do 5-inch cuts, but I had a hard time making the knots so I ended up making them 6 inches. After you decide on the cut length, cut that size square out of each corner -- for instance, I cut 6x6" squares out of each corner. Keep laying down your yard stick to make sure you are cutting a straight line to where your pins are. Make sure you hold the fleece together well so they match up.

The balloon knots are very easy to tie. B sure to pull them very tightly. As you go, you can stretch the fabric out to make sure your knots are lying flat. I make my blankets while watching TV and I was surprised at how easy they were. They both came out great and we love them. I am looking forward to brining mine to baseball games all season!

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