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Exterior Wall Construction

July 20, 2006

With all of the rain this year, we noticed a leak in one of our windows. After the builders performed further testing, they found some areas where the stucco had created gaps from not properly adhering to the vinyl window frames. Since both the downstairs window and the upstairs bedroom window need to be redone, they decided it would be best to redo the entire wall to avoid this from happening to other windows, and also to keep it from looking "patched".

This was a two-week process, but it went smoothly and now we have an entirely new wall outside, and fresh paint on the entire back wall inside!

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Back wall before. Back wall before. Back wall before. Hunter checking out the work. Scaffolding set up and ready for construction. Ready for construction Plastic inside. Plastic to keep any dust from coming off of the sheet rock. Plastic inside. Plastic inside. Day 1, all stucco removed. Day 1, all stucco removed.

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