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Chalkboard Wall in Pantry

August 10, 2014

I wanted to do a chalkboard wall in the house, but wasn't sure where to try it. Since we are always writing on a small chalkboard in the kitchen, it seemed like a logical room for the addition. I decided on a small wall at the entry of the pantry. Since the walls are heavily textured, I went online for tips on the best way to do this. I went with putting up hardboard over the painted wall.

Once we put up the hardboard, all we had to do was paint. I did two coats and it covered pretty well. I noticed some light spots the next day so I touched those up. We used the Valspar chalkboard paint, because it is low-odor and didn't have the same warnings as the Rustoleum.

We followed the advice we read online and let the pay cure for 3 days. after that, we took the broad side of chalk and covered the whole board. We wiped it down, and it was ready to go! The manufacturer websites also recommend using a damp cloth instead of a chalkboard eraser, so that is what we have done. It turned out great and we are really happy with how it looks and functions!

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