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Dave's 2-Hour Pork Spare Ribs

January 18, 2009

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We used a 2-lb. pack of pork spare ribs.
You will need your choice of pork rub & BBQ sauce.
boiling pot
Start a pot of water boiling large enough for the ribs.
sectioned ribs
Unpack ribs and cut into sections of 3-4 ribs each.
ribs boiling
Carefully place ribs in boiling pot.
boiling ribs
Boil ribs for 1 hour.
preheat oven
About 10 mins. before ribs are done, preheat oven to 375°
place ribs in baking dish & season
Remove ribs from pot after an hour, and place in glass baking dish. Lightly season with pork rub (we used Pappy's from Costco).
baste with BBQ sauce & bake
Baste ribs with BBQ sauce (we used KC Masterpiece Spicy). Bake for 1 hour.
baste ribs again
After baking for 30 minutes, remove from oven and baste with more BBQ sauce.
after baking for one hour
Remove ribs after one hour. We let them sit for about 5 minutes to cool.
finshed ribs
Delicious pork spare ribs!

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